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Grant Solicitation Appendices


Except as indicated, the documents below are available in Word format (download Word viewer for free) and Excel format (download Excel viewer for free).

DLLR is now posting the "Sample EARN Maryland Reporting Template" referred to in Section 3.4.3. We apologize for the delay in providing this template. Please Note: Lead Applicants ARE NOT REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THIS FORM FOR THE MARCH 31 SUBMISSION DEADLINE. Rather, DLLR is providing this sample template at this stage to provide applicants with guidance on reporting requirements for the Workforce Training Plans funded by Implementation Grants.

At present, applicants should use this sample template only to inform your planning process, and the design of any data-collection. Once Implementation Grants are awarded, each Awardee Partnership will be required to report additional information, such as specific "return on investment" measures (referenced in Sec. 3.4.2 of the IG Solicitation), unique to that Partnership.

Download the Sample EARN Maryland Reporting Template (Excel, 43KB)


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