The EARN Maryland Program - Maryland’s new workforce training initiative

EARN Maryland funds worker training programs - 
      created by business, for business.


“… if the employers who are looking for talented and skilled people know what skills they have most in demand, then why don’t we let our workforce efforts be driven by the sector that has the jobs to fill? So that’s why this EARN initiative is pretty new for us as a State. It is the wave of the future when it comes to workforce development.”

---------Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley on the EARN Maryland Initiative, June 12, 2013


EARN Maryland funds worker training programs - created by business, for business.


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EARN Maryland Important Dates!
March 31, 2014 IG Proposals Due
May, 2014 Implementation Awards Announced
June, 2014 Implementation Funding Begins

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What is EARN Maryland?

EARN Maryland is a new state-funded, competitive workforce development grant program that is industry-led, regional in focus and a proven strategy for helping businesses cultivate the skilled workforce they need to compete. It is flexible and innovative, designed to ensure that Maryland employers have the talent they need to compete and grow in an ever-changing 21st century economy.

EARN Maryland aims to:

  • Address the demands of businesses by focusing intensively on the workforce needs of a specific industry sector over a sustained period.
  • Address the needs of workers by creating formal career paths to good jobs, reducing barriers to employment, and sustaining or growing middle class jobs.
  • Encourage mobility for Maryland's most hard-to-serve jobseekers through job readiness training that may include GED preparation, occupational skills development, literacy advancement, and transportation and child care components.

How Does It Work?

EARN Maryland invests in strategic industry partnerships from key economic sectors in every region. These partnerships will use the power of coordination across education, workforce and economic development initiatives to address the multiple needs of companies, starting with the training of skilled workers. Once formed, the partnerships will develop plans to train and educate workers - and place them in meaningful employment. For more information about EARN Maryland, please email us at

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EARN Maryland Pressroom

“EARN Maryland is industry led, endorsed by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and is a proven strategy for providing Maryland’s employers with skilled workers. In Massachusetts, 100 percent of the employers participating in a similar industry-led initiative said that participation in a partnership like EARN Maryland--was indeed valuable. EARN Maryland’s strategic industry partnerships are also a proven strategy for workers. Among similar initiatives around the country, this approach led to skills advancement, career building opportunities and increased wages.”
---Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Secretary Leonard J. Howie III on EARN Maryland June 12, 2013.

EARN Initiative - June 12, 2013
Governor Martin O'Malley's address begins at 3:59
Governor O'Malley introduces Secretary Leonard J. Howie III at 9:15
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EARN Press Event with Governor O'Malley
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Martin O'Malley, Governor Leonard J. Howie III, DLLR Secretary Anthony G. Brown, Lt. Governor




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