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How Do I Become an Apprentice? - Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program (MATP)

If you are willing to commit to a hands-on training program and are excited about starting a new career in the skilled trades, then an apprenticeship may be the right opportunity for you.

Step 1: Research a Trade
The first step to becoming an apprentice is to research which occupation you would like to pursue. Please visit Find an Apprenticeship for a complete list of all occupations approved to have apprenticeship programs and descriptions of what type of work is required in each trade. Under this section you can also download a complete list of currently registered programs in Maryland.

Step 2: Apply
Once you have decided on a trade, contact program sponsors directly to inquire about their individual application requirements and hiring schedule. Submit your application(s) to the sponsor of your choice. Please be aware each sponsor has individual application requirements and program requirements, so be sure to research the program of your choice carefully. Also note you may experience some delay in receiving a response to your application because some sponsoring programs may hold your application until an opening in the program is available. Ask the program of your choice when the apprenticeship program will start and when you would likely hear back from them gaining a realistic idea of their application process. Apprenticeships are also very competitive so it may take more than one application to be accepted. Because apprenticeships are industry driven, the hiring of apprentices is strictly done on a need basis by the individual sponsor; the state government can not place you in an apprenticeship program.

Step 3: Be Sure You Have Been Registered by Your Sponsor
Once you have been hired as an apprentice, an Apprentice Agreement will be completed by you and your employer. This agreement is filed with Maryland Apprenticeship and Training and the Federal Department of Labor. This agreement classifies you as a registered apprentice. If you do not think you have signed an agreement please ask your sponsor about the agreement to be sure it is completed.

To see what an Apprenticeship Agreement looks like please visit Publications. Upon completing the apprenticeship program you will receive a nationally recognized Certificate of Completion, allowing your skills to transfer anywhere in the country.

Top 5 Benefits

  • Earn while you learn
  • Apprenticeships are jobs, you will have a job when your training is complete
  • Paid according to a progressive wage scale
  • Sustainable career choice
  • Able to transfer skills across companies and states

For additional information, contact:
Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning
Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program

1100 N. Eutaw Street - Room 209
Baltimore, MD 21201
Fax: 410-333-5162