Division of Unemployment Insurance


E-Wage Reporting - Unemployment Insurance Contributions


The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation has designed a system which allows employers to electronically submit their quarterly unemployment wage information by E-Mail.


The e-mail address for sending quarterly wage information is electronic.wage@maryland.gov.

I.  Benefits of using e-mail for reporting quarterly wages are:

  1. No paper, CDs or diskettes needed to send wage information.
  2. Reduce processing and handling time for this Agency and Employers.
  3. Reduce employers mailing costs.
  4. Reduce the possibility of duplication of wages.
  5. Reduce the chance of compromise of data.
  6. Transmitted data is restricted to a small group of authorized personnel.

II. Formats supported by E-Wage

  1. Federal (mmref-1) (512 characters)
  2. Maryland Diskette Format (34 characters)
  3. ICESA format (275 characters)

General Information about e-mailing of wage information

  • Maryland does not require employers to use e-mail to transmit their quarterly wages. Maryland still accepts CDs or 3 ½" diskettes in the formats previously outlined above.
  • Employers cannot submit their quarterly Contribution Returns (DLLR/DUI15) through this system. That form must be submitted separately with their payment in the envelope provided with your tax package to: PO Box 17291, Baltimore, Maryland 21297-0365. The reverse side of the DLLR/DUI 15, Employment Wage Report (DLLR/DUI 16) must be annotated as: Wages reported through e-mail.
  • Quarterly wage information submitted by e-mail must be received by the end of the month, following the completion of the calendar quarter to be considered timely. That means reports due for the quarter ending June 30, must be received no later than July 31; reports for the quarter ending September 30, must be received no later than October 30; report for the quarter ending December 31, must be received no later than January 30; and the report for the quarter ending March 31, must be received no later that April 30.
  • Delinquent quarterly wage information can be submitted by e-mail.  Delinquent being quarterly wages within the last six quarters.  Penalties will still apply for late submissions.

Specific Information about e-mailing of quarterly wage information:

  • Employers who elect to transmit their quarterly wage information through e-mail must send an e-mail message with a file attachment. The e-mail subject must contain the following information: year/quarter of wages, employer account number and name of employer. The file attachment must only contain the actual quarterly wage information in one of the accepted formats described above. Example of an e-mail subject: 2003-3, 00123454678, ABC Company. The file should be sent as a zip file that is password protected. The password should be sent in a separate email to ewage@dllr.state.md.us.

Employers who choose either method of submitting wage data through e-mail should check the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation disclaimer that is available on this Website.

  • Quarterly wage information transmitted through e-mail will be processed within 5 business days (or less) of receipt by this agency.
  • This agency will send a return receipt notification with each file successfully processed through e-mail. The receipt will notify the employer that the account was processed and updated to our wage record data base. It will include the employer account number, the number of records and the total dollar amount updated.
  • This agency will also send a return receipt with each file that was rejected. The receipt will notify the employer that the account has not been updated and state the reason (s) why the file was rejected. It will be the responsibility of the employer to correct the error(s) and re-send the corrected file through e-mail.
  • Return receipt notification will only be sent to the e-mail address of the original sender.
  • Employers must make every effort to correct any rejected files by reviewing the return receipt error message(s) before contacting this agency.
  • This agency will maintain a record of the rejected files and good files for 60 calendar days. If the corrected file has not been re-sent within that time frame it then will be purged from our active files.
  • Files transmitted will be checked for viruses before uploading.

Contacts for the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation by telephone are:

Joann Williams (Supervisor, Wage Records) 410-767-8825
Genevieve Gregory (Wage Records) 410-767-7880
Call between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday