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ICESA Format - Exhibit B - Record Formats - Use of Magnetic Media for Wage Reporting and Contributions Returns - Unemployment Insurance Contributions



    1. General Information
    2. DISKETTE, CD-ROM (FEDERAL FORMATS) (Exhibit A) (must be readable by IBM compatible PCs running Windows operating system 1995 or later)
    3. DISKETTE, CD-ROM (ICESA FORMAT) (Exhibit B) (must be readable by IBM compatible PCs running Windows operating system 1995 or later)
    4. CONTRIBUTION (Tax) Data Specifications (Exhibit C)
    5. DISKETTE or CD-ROM (STATE) (Exhibit D)

Exhibit B

(must be readable by IBM compatible PCs running Windows operating system 1995 or later)
Record Length - 275
Block Size - 6875 (275 X 100) or 27,500 (275 X 100)

1 Record Identifier 1 Constant "S"
2 - 10 Social Security Number 9 Enter the employee’s social security number. If unknown, enter all zeroes. Numerics only; omit hyphen and spaces.
11 - 30 Employee Last Name 20 Enter the employee’s last name. Left justify; fill with spaces.
31 - 42 Employee First Name 12 Enter the employee’s first name. Left justify; fill with spaces.
43 Employee Middle Initial 1 Enter the employee’s middle initial. If no middle initial, leave blank.
44 - 45 State Code 2 Enter the state FIPS Postal Numeric Code for the state to which wages are reportable; the code for Maryland is 24.
64 - 77 State Qtr Unemployment Insurance Total Wages 14 Enter the gross total wages earned for the quarter. Include all tip income. Right justify and zero fill. Numerics only. DO NOT include decimals and commas.
147 - 156 State Unemployment Insurance Account Number 10 The state ID/Account number assigned for UI reporting purposes.

Enter the 10 digit employer account number assigned by State of Maryland in positions 147-156. Numerics only; omit hyphens, spaces. Left justify, blank fill. (First 2 positions are zeroes).
215-220 Reporting Quarter and Year 6 Enter the 2 digit month and 4 digit year for the calendar quarter for which the report applies, e.g., "031999" for January - March 1999 "061999" for April - June 1999, "091999" July - September 1999, "121999" for October - December 1999. Format is MMYYYY.
221-275 Data Fields Not Used by DLLR 55 Must be filled with spaces.
276 End of Line 0 Enter a carriage return (Enter key).

The ICESA Format is taken from the ICESA Publication "ICESA FORMAT." Maryland requires data as described above, will ignore other field/locations, and record types, as well as records for State codes other than Maryland (24 in positions 44 and 45).