State offices and all DLLR physical locations will be closed to the public December 24 & December 25, 2014. However, Unemployment Insurance telephone and Web operations WILL be available on Wednesday, December 24.

DLLR's Division of Unemployment Insurance


Important New Information about Marylandís Unemployment Insurance 2014 Rates - Unemployment Insurance Contributions


Under state law, the tax rates are determined each year based upon the health of the Trust Fund on September 30. The balance in the trust fund is healthy enough to trigger a key rate change for calendar year 2014. The range of unemployment insurance rates that employers will pay in 2014 will be significantly lower than the rates in the prior four years. For calendar year 2014 Table A - the lowest range of tax rates - will be in effect, with a range of rates of .3 percent to 7.5 percent on the first 8,500 in annual wages. Employers will pay between $25.50 and $637.50 per employee per year, based on the amount of benefits paid to their former employees.

For planning purposes, employers will receive a letter in early December providing instructions on how to obtain their specific 2014 tax rate via the telephone prior to the mailing of the tax rate notices.

Employers will receive the 2014 Experience Rate Notice by mail in mid-January. The notice will provide the employer's specific tax rate for calendar year 2014, and a summary of benefit charges and taxable wages used to calculate the rate. The notice will include appeal rights.

Employers are reminded that they are ultimately responsible for the deposit and payment of their Maryland Unemployment tax liability, even if a third party is making the deposits. The Maryland Unemployment Insurance Division recommends that employers enroll in WebTax online to confirm filings and payments made on their behalf.

Maryland's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Payment Plans