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MOSH Advisory Board - Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH)


The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) Advisory Board started in 1955 as the Occupational Safety Advisory Board (Chapter 44, Acts of 1955). The MOSH Advisory Board adopted its present name in 1968 (Chapter 530, Acts of 1968). The Board formulates and proposes rules and regulations to prevent accidents and occupational diseases in every occupation or place of employment in Maryland.

Board Members Representation
Jo-Ann M. Orlinsky (Chair) Public
John Duley Industry
Joseph Gillian Industry
Dennis W. Howard Agriculture
Emory E. Knowles Public
VACANT Businesses Regulated by the Public Service Commission
Elizabeth (Sissy) Martin Public
Melissa A. McDiarmid, M.D. Health
Clifford S. Mitchell, M.D. Health
Richard L. Ruehl Labor
J. Ronald DeJuliis Commissioner/Ex-Officio Member (No Vote)

The MOSH Board generally meets the 1st Wednesday of every month to discuss issues relating to Occupational Safety and Health. The meetings are held at 10946 Golden West Drive, Suite 160, Hunt Valley, Md. 20131.

NEXT Meeting: October 30, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.

For further information or to confirm that a meeting will be held in a specific month, please contact Debbie Stone at (410) 767-2225.