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Registration Process and Forms - Elevator and Escalator Safety - Safety Inspections


Each Elevator unit intended to be installed in the State of Maryland (including Alterations) is required to be registered. Once a registration is received, an information packet will be sent to the owner.

Included with the packet you will find:

  1. An inspection Request Form for each elevator unit registered; and
  2. An inspection checklist certification for each unit registered.

A final acceptance inspection must be scheduled 60 days in advance of the anticipated completion date. To schedule a final inspection, the Contractor or Owner must submit to the Safety Inspection Unit a completed Inspection Request Form. After receiving the request, the Safety Inspection Unit will contact the Contractor or Owner to confirm the inspection date.

Maryland Law requires that at least 15 days before a scheduled final acceptance inspection, the owner is to submit to the Commissioner a written certification that:

  • The elevator meets the requirements of the elevator safety code.
  • A Qualified Elevator Inspector has certified that the elevator unit, as as constructed and installed complies with the Laws and Regulations; and
  • The elements indicated on the inspection checklist are operational, have been tested and are functional.

The owner will use the checklist certification to confirm that each elevator unit is ready for inspection.

Inspection scheduling is contingent upon availability of State resources.


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Re-Registration of Elevator Units:

After an elevator is placed into service and a certificate is issued, the owner or lessee shall periodically re-register the elevator unit with the Commissioner of Labor and Industry 30 days prior to the expiration of the certificate.

If you have any questions concerning the Elevator Safety Law or Owner/Contractor responsibilities, please contact the Safety Inspection Unit.

Below is a list of commonly used forms necessary to the registration and inspection process of new and existing elevator units (available in Word format, download Word viewer for free and Adobe Acrobat format, download Adobe Acrobat for free).

User Forms

  • Application for Registration of Elevator Units (Word document, 94KB) (PDF document, 98KB) - 
    Use this form for any new installation, alteration/modification, or new machine room-less elevator, escalator, dumbwaiter, or moving walk. Please register 60 days prior to completion date of any new unit.
  • Re-Registration Form (Word document, 86KB) (PDF document, 92KB) -
    Use this form to re-register an elevator unit. After an elevator unit is placed into service and a certificate is issued, the owner or lessee shall periodically re-register the elevator unit with the Commissioner of Labor and Industry 30 days prior to the expiration of the certificate. Any changes in owner, site, or mailing information is also noted on this form while re-registering.
  • Registration/Inspection Request for Workman's Hoist (Word document, 79KB) (PDF document, 141KB) -
    Use this form to register a new installation of a Workman's Hoist. This form is also used to request an inspection of a new Workman's Hoist or to request a "90 Day Test" inspection of an existing Workman's Hoist.
  • Inspection Request Form (Word document, 87KB) (PDF document, 150KB) - 
    Use this form to process and schedule an inspection with the Elevator Safety Unit.
  • Fire Service/Emergency Power Test Form (Word document, 104KB) (PDF document, 168KB) -
    This is the Annual and 5 Year Test form for Fire Service/Emergency Power. This form documents smoke sensing devices, stand-by emergency power, and devices for disconnecting main line power.
  • Change of Ownership, Building Name, or Mailing Address Form (Word document, 93KB) (PDF document, 107KB) -
    Use this form when there is any change in owner, site, or mailing information pertaining to any single or multiple unit/s.
  • Adoption Dates for Elevator Codes (Word document, 61KB) (PDF document, 19KB) -
    This is an informative document listing adoption dates for Elevator Codes.
  • Elevator Safety Test Form (Word document, 82KB) (PDF document, 32KB)-
    Use this form for Annual and 5 Year Safety Tests.
  • Vertical & Incline Lifts Safety Test Form (Word document, 98KB) (PDF document, 58KB) -
    Use this form for inspecting Vertical and Inclined Lifts, or Inclined Stairway Chairlifts.

For additional information, contact:
Division of Labor and Industry
Elevator and Escalator Safety

1100 N. Eutaw Street - Room 601
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 767-2339
FAX: (410) 333-7721

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