Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing


Continuing Education Requirements - Maryland Real Estate Commission


Continuing Education Requirements for all licenses who RENEWED IN 2012 OR 2013 and whose CURRENT license expires BETWEEN 1/1/2014 AND 12/31/2015

    • Residential (ALL LICENSEES): 15 hours including 3.0 legislative, 1.5 fair housing, 3.0 ethics (required classes)
    • Commercial Designation (SOLELY - NO RESIDENTIAL BUSINESS):  15 hours including 3.0 legislative & 3.0 ethics (required classes)
    • Licensees with a graduate degree in law or real estate from an accredited college or university (must supply documentation at audit): 7.5 hours (3.0 legislative, 3.0 Maryland ethics and 1.5 fair housing (residential); if solely commercial, 7.5 hours including 3.0 legislative 3.0 Maryland ethics and 1.5 elective) (required classes)
    • Legislative topic (a), fair housing topic (c), and ethics topic (d) are required Maryland courses.
      The ethics course must include MD Code of Ethics, Flipping and Predatory Lending.