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Approved Training Provider Information - Elevator Safety Review

All licensees are required to demonstrate completion of continuing professional competency (CPC) as a condition of license renewal. Each licensee is required to complete a minimum of eight CPC units during each licensing renewal period. To satisfy this requirement, each licensee must provide documentation offered by the following authorized providers:

  1. National Association of Elevator Contractors;
  2. American Society of Mechanical Engineers;
  3. National Elevator Industry Educational Program; and
  4. Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund

Any other provider not on this list must be approved by the Board. The CPC Standards Committee may recommend to the Board approval of other providers or program, if the provider meets certain criteria and submits general information that will enable the Board to evaluate the provider's qualification. Potential providers must submit, at a minimum, the following information with each application for approval: types and descriptions of proposed or existing courses intended to offer; number of CPC units awarded for each course; the identity and qualifications of the course instructors; and proposed course outlines detailing the contact of instruction to be offered.

Reinstatement of an Expired License

In accordance with §12-833.1, the Board will reinstate an expired license if a person applies to the Board for reinstatement within two years after the license expires, meets the renewal requirements of §12-833 and pays a reinstatement fee of $25 in addition to the renewal fee.

If a person has failed to renew a license under §12-833 for any reason, and applies to the Board for reinstatement more than two years after the license has expired, the Board may require the person to reapply for a license in the same manner as an applicant applies for an original license. Prior to reinstatement of a license, it is the responsibility of the licensee to complete all continuing professional competency (CPC) requirements that would have been required if the credential holder was in an active status.

A licensee who wishes to reinstate a license after failing to complete CPC requirements must fulfill past due CPC requirements for the previous CPC reporting periods up to 16 CPC units (Eight CPC units for up to two licensing periods) and pay all past due fees, unless the Board finds extenuating circumstances that establish good cause for a temporary waiver of the licensee's failure to complete the CPC requirements.

Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR)

Approved Training Providers