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Out of State License Recognition - How Does An Out-of-State Licensee Apply for Licensure in Maryland - Maryland Real Estate Commission


If a reciprocal agreement is not listed with your state, you may start the process by providing a certificate of full licensing history from the state where you were first licensed and are currently licensed. Send the history document (original only, not a copy) to us within 30 days of its issue date by your home state. Attach a cover letter, personally signed, with your mailing address and contact information. Send to the Education Administrator, Maryland Real Estate Commission, 500 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-3651. When qualified, you will be sent all information needed to register for the exam. Education and experience from a home state are reviewed for transferability, individually for each applicant. Waivers may be offered only to active licensees.

License Requirements: Sections of law for broker, associate broker, and salesperson qualifications