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Labor Force and Industry Developments - Maryland Monthly Labor Review - December 2009


Maryland ’s job market remained unsettled in December. The number of employed, which rose in November, declined over-the-month, causing the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to rise from November’s revised rate of 7.3 percent to 7.5 percent in December. With this increase, Maryland ’s unemployment rate advanced to its highest level since 1983.

Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rates - Maryland and US - December 2008 through December 2009
Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rates
Maryland and US
December 2008 through December 2009
Dec 08 5.4% 7.4%
Jan 09 6.2% 7.7%
Feb 6.8% 8.2%
Mar 6.9% 8.6%
Apr 6.8% 8.9%
May 7.2% 9.4%
June 7.2% 9.5%
July 7.2% 9.4%
Aug 7.1% 9.7%
Sept 7.2% 9.8%
Oct 7.3% 10.1%
Nov 7.3% 10.0%
Dec 7.5% 10.0%

Nationally, downsizing in the labor force helped to equalize employment losses, maintaining unemployment at 10.0 percent in December.

Reports from Maryland ’s establishment survey showed that employers cut about 8,700 jobs from business payrolls during December. Losses were spread across a number of industry sectors, with some of the largest private sector reductions occurring in retail trade, real estate, accommodations, construction and administrative support.

While, by most accounts, the worst of the economic downturn appears to be behind us, the market is still lacking in the energy needed to move forward. Stimulus funding has helped to shore up the economy somewhat; but the benefits haven’t been substantial enough to encourage participation from businesses and consumers.

Employment declines were reported across the state during December -- declines which caused non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rates to climb higher in fourteen of the state’s local jurisdictions. Garrett and Worcester were the jurisdictions experiencing the largest upturns, with unemployment rates in these counties rising by more than a full percentage point. Unemployment rates in Baltimore City , Dorchester and Worcester counties remained at double-digits levels in December, with Worcester ’s rate the statewide high at 16.2 percent.

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