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POAC has assisted more than 25,000 local and national employers with their employee recruitment needs. As a service to employers, POAC provides free job posting services via Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE). POAC also offers a self-posting job service to POAC's active and past customers through the POAC Alum Connecting Point Group found on LinkedIN. POAC also provides assistance with job description development, which is ADA compliant, assistance in planning recruiting campaigns, newspaper ad development, interviewing training for non-HR Personnel, and Internet recruitment techniques.

The information provided below is a service to employers and does not endorse any particular site public or private, but merely provides information about valuable sites on the Internet that could be used for human resource development, planning or administration.

A Starting Point
Society of Human Resources Management The latest trends, techniques and activities occurring within the Human Resources field.
Workforce A valuable and useful tool to stay on top of HR issues related to us all.
Government Information Resources
U. S. Department of Labor Laws and regulations pertaining to U. S. workers.
Bureau of Labor Statistics Statistical breakdown of industries.
U. S. Small Business Administration For new business developers where you can download files and business software.
Social Security Administration General information with forms for downloading.
Workplace Safety
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
Provides local numbers to get direct help or obtain publications at nominal costs at no charge. OSHA maintains an electronic bulletin board where notices and fact sheets are posted or download them directly from the web site.
Personnel Law Resources
"Thomas" Current federal legislation, bills, the legislative process. Site located at the Library of Congress named after Thomas Jefferson.
Recruitment, Screening and Assessment
Job Analysis & Personality Research "Fit" of new employees is so important in today's workplace where teamwork is critical. The workplace anthem has become "Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill." If you are looking for skills and "fit", these are two great sites to visit.
Keirsey Temperament Sorter
HeadHunter Free résumé posting point and free resume perusal that should be checked out regularly.

If you need general information about the State of Maryland, go to If you need other business resources, go to Maryland Business.

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