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Code Administration News - Building Code Administration

Transfer of Administration
During the 2018 session of the Maryland General Assembly, House Bill 694 passed. The bill authorized the transfer of the Maryland Building Codes Administration to the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, effective July 1, 2018.

General Notice
Subject: Formal Start of Review

Add’l. Info: The Commissioner of Labor and Industry is considering adoption of the following codes through incorporation by reference for the Maryland Building Performance Standards (MBPS) and the Model Performance Code (MPC):

  • 2021 International Building Code (International Code Council);
  • 2021 International Residential Code (International Code Council); and
  • 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (International Code Council).
In addition, the following codes are also under consideration for adoption for the MPC:
  • 2021 International Plumbing Code (International Code Council);
  • 2021 International Mechanical Code (International Code Council); and
  • National Electric Code, 2020 Edition (NFPA 70).
The Commissioner is interested in stakeholder comments. Interested parties should send comments to Mischelle Vanreusel, Regulatory and Grants Coordinator, via mail at 1100 North Eutaw Street, Room 600, Baltimore, MD 21201, via email at, or via fax at 410-767-2986. Comments will be accepted through May 24, 2021.


For additional information, contact:
Department of Labor
Division of Labor and Industry
Building Codes Administration

1100 N. Eutaw Street, Room 606
Baltimore, MD 21201