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List of Approved Home Inspector Continuing Professional Competency Education Providers - Real Estate Appraisers, Appraisal Management Companies and Home Inspectors

Course Sponsor Approved Courses Contact Information
Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012
Residential Plumbing Overview for Home Inspectors: 8 hrs
How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion: 8 hrs
Ann Riefe
American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT)
N19 W24075 Riverwood Drive
Suite 200
Waukesha, WI 53188
Advanced Heating: 8 hrs
New Construction: 16 hrs
Inspector Safety: 3 hrs
Report Writing: 8 hrs
Wood Destroying Organisms: 8 hrs
Advanced Electrical: 6 hrs
Report Writing for Risk Reduction: 2 hrs
Inspecting Roofs: 2 hrs
Advanced Electrical Inspection: 2 hrs
Electrical Inspection Practices: 2 hrs
Advanced Heating System Inspection: 2 hrs
Evaluating Structural Conditions of a Home: 2 hrs
Plumbing Inspection Best Practices: 2 hrs
Heating and Cooling System Inspections: 2 hrs
Katie Cooper
American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
932 Lee Street
Des Plaines, IL 60016
Inspection Essential Track: 18 hrs
Advanced Learning Track: 18 hrs
Environmental Track:
Wood Destroying Insects, Bug and other Household Pests: 2 hrs
The Significance of finding Vermiculite Attic Insulation: 2 hrs
Decentralization, The Future of Water: 2 hrs
Earthquake Vulnerabilities and Effective Strengthening Methods: 2 hrs
Specialty/Diversification Track: 14 hrs
ASHI Inspection World Conference Nashville: 18 hrs
January 12-15, 2014
Michelle George
ASHI Central PA
Post Office Box 393
Fairfield, PA 17320
Foundation Problems and How They are Repaired: 1.5 hrs
Thermodynamics and Design/Operation/Evaluation of HVAC Equipment: 3.5 hrs
Drone Technology, Integration into the Working World: 1.5 hrs
Patrick Reilly
Hampton Roads Chapter
1601 Dendron Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Hampton Roads ASHI Second Annual Holiday Season Tech Talk:
Electrical Panel Inspections: 4 hrs
Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps: 3 hrs
Chimneys, Fireplaces and Woodstoves: A Presentation for Home Inspectors: 2 hrs
Modern Gas Furnaces: 3 hrs
Report Writing - Grow Your Business, Shrink Your Liability: 2 hrs
Kenny Hart
ASHI Keystone
5477 Reppert Lane
Allentown, PA 18106
New Plumbing Components and Rules: 2 hrs
Doing Decks: 2 hrs
What the Heck is That?: 2 hrs
Inspection Quiz: 2 hrs
Foundation Defect: 2 hrs
Wood Destroying Insect Damage: 2 hrs
Frequency and Causes of Mechanical Malfunction: 2 hrs
4th Annual Keystone Inspection Seminar: 12 hrs
October 25th and 26th, 2013
Dave Glick
9419 Riley Place
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Attic and Crawlspace Ventilation: 4 hrs
Maryland SOP and the IRC: 4 hrs
Inspecting Old Houses: 4 hrs
Understanding and Applying the Maryland Home Inspector SOP: 4 hrs
Avi Levy
4715 Riverdale Road
Riverdale, MD 20737
MAC-ASHI Spring Seminar: 8 hrs February 1, 2014:
Effective Report Writing 
MD Standards of Practice - including CSST documentation 
Maryland laws governing Home Inspectors
Engineered Wood Products - Proper Utilization and Installation: 3.5 hrs
HVAC Equipment and Inspection: 4.5 hrs
Peter Jung
1150 Carnation Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Chimney and Fireplace Inspections: 2 hrs J.D. Grewell
1150 Carnation Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Update of Electrical Systems: 4 hrs
Defect Recognition with Effective Report Writing: 4 hrs
David Goldberg
4500 Sundown Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20882
Settling Cracks and Foundation Failures – 4 hrs
Thermodynamics and Design/Operating/Evaluation of HVAC Equipment – 4 hrs
David Goldberg
761 Harmony Orchard Rd.
Front Royal, VA 22630
Glenn Mathewson Master Code Professional: 7 hrs
NOVA-ASHI 2014 Spring Seminar:
Back to Basics: 8 hrs
Radiant Heat Installation and Inspection: 6 hrs
David Rushton
10121 Glenmere Road
Fairfax, VA 22032
Inspecting Old Houses: 4 hrs
NADRA Deck Evaluation Certification Course: 4 hrs
NOVA-ASHI Spring Seminar: 6 hrs
Fred Heppner
932 Lee Street
Des Plaines, IL 60016
Flat Roofs: 2hrs
Heating Systems: 2 hrs
Common Foundation Problems: 2 hrs
Basic Electric 2014: 2 hrs
Write it Up: 2 hrs
Components Found During Inspection: 2 hrs
Heat Pumps and Dual Fuel Systems: 2 hrs
Crawl Space and Floor Structure Defects: 2 hrs
Proper Installation of Sewer: 2 hrs
EIFs, Stucco and Stone Update: 2 hrs
Inspecting Old Houses: 2 hrs
Inspection of Decks: 2 hrs
Inspecting a Tile Roof: 2 hrs
Chimney Inspection per the NFPA: 2 hrs
Air Conditioning: 2 hrs
Proper Installation of Sewer: 2 hrs
Combustion Safety Testing: 2 hrs
Attic and Crawlspace Ventilation: 2 hrs
What the heck is that? (updated): 2 hrs
Improve your Report Writing, Improve Your Business: 2 hrs
Major Foundation Failures: 2 hrs
Forty Years a Plumber, Forty Defects Reviewed: 2 hrs
Electrical Service Inspections-Mysteries and Myths Explained: 2 hrs
Chimney Inspections: 2 hrs
Metal, Slate, Specialty and Wood Shingles: 2 hrs
Inspecting Boilers including Steam and Hydronic: 2 hrs
New Residential Construction Final Walk Thru Inspections: 2 hrs
Advanced Electrical Inspections-The 35 most misunderstood commonly found electrical defects: 2 hrs
Mysteries Answered-Home Scene Investigations: 2 hrs
Bathroom Surprises: 2 hrs
Home Inspector v. Engineer/Scientist Who Wins?: 2 hrs
Safety Hazards: Unsafe Conditions to be reported: 2 hrs
HVAC Fundamentals "Simplified:" 2 hrs
Crosslinked PEX Systems & Radian Floor Heating Installations: 2 hrs
Deadly Differences-Ionization vs. Photoelectric Smoke Alarms: 2 hrs
Decks, Stairs and Rails: 2 hrs
Historic Building Inspections: 2 hrs
Attic and Crawlspace Ventilation: 2 hrs
Inspecting the Exterior Envelope: 2 hrs
Cladding failures from a Forensic Expert: 2 hrs
Inspecting Engineered Wood Products: 2 hrs
Storm Damaged Homes: 2 hrs
Inspecting Tile Roofs-What You Can See and What You Can't: 2 hrs
Michele George
ASHI Tri-State
668 Stoney Hill Road
Yardley, PA 19067
A Building Scientist Inspects a Home From Top Down Inside Out: 8 hrs Vince Tecce
3839 Forest Hill Irene Rd.
Memphis, TN 38125
Structure: 8 hrs
A/C The Refrigeration Cycle: 4 hrs
Gas Forced Air Heating Systems: 4 hrs
Sherrye Yaun
Carroll Community College
1601 Washington Road
Westminster, MD 21157
Residential Plumbing Overview for Home Inspectors: 8 hrs
How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion: 8 hrs
Barb Burke
Casey O' Malley Associates
4594 La Canada Road
Fallbrook, CA 92028
COA 2013 Annual Home Inspector Conference: 10.5 hrs
October 20-24, 2013
Michael Casey
866-363-1330 x1
Casey O'Malley Associates
601 Beachcomber Blvd.
Lot D5
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
COA/IN'S 2014
4/13/14 - 4/17/14 - 26 hours:
Inspecting Wooden Open Web Trusses: 2 hrs
Water Intrusion Forensic Investigations: 2 hrs
In the Crawl Space: 2 hrs
Inspecting Hard Coat Stucco: 2 hrs
Inspecting Tile Roofs: 2 hrs
Air Conditioning Beyond the Basics: 2 hrs
Inspecting Wooden Open Web Trusses: 2 hrs
Advanced Electrical: 2 hrs
Performing Wind Mitigation Inspections: 2 hrs
Building Dampness and Control: 2 hrs
Michelle Shishilla
Kevin O'Malley
Community College of Baltimore County
7201 Rossville Blvd.,
L-129 Baltimore, MD 21237
Home Inspection: Continuing Professional Education Course: Part I: 15 hrs
Part II: 15 hrs
Moire Riley
Henderson Professional Development Seminars
1401 H. Street, NW #108
Washington, DC 20005
Structural Systems Review: 6 hrs
Inspecting Electrical Systems Review: 6 hrs
Inspecting Plumbing Systems Review: 6 hrs
Inspecting Interior Systems Review: 6 hrs
Inspecting Air Conditioning Systems Review: 5 hrs
Samuel Henderson
Home Inspection University
698 Pro Med Lane
Carmel, IN 46032
Experts Panel: 1 hr
Report Writing & Grow Your Business & Shrink Your Liability: 2 hrs
Stucco and Adhered Masonry Veneer: 2 hrs
Thermal Imaging: 2 hrs
Understanding Air-to-Air Heat Pumps: 2 hrs
Electric Panel Hands-on Inspection: 2 hrs
Mold Sampling and Report Interpretation: 2 hrs
Making Connections - Pipe & Fittings, Applications/Installations: 2 hrs
Less Commonly Encountered Roof Coverings: 2 hrs
High Efficiency Gas Furnaces: 2 hrs
Electrical Panel Inspection: 2 hrs
Jenny Thornberry
1750 30th Street
Suite 301
Boulder, CO 80301
Thermal Imaging: 2 hrs
How to Perform Electrical Inspections: 2 hrs
Performing Four Point Inspections: 2 hrs
Chimney Inspection and the Home Inspector – What you need to know: 2 hrs
Phase Construction Inspections: 2 hrs
How to Inspect Stucco and Manmade Stone: 2 hrs
Advanced Electrical Course: 2 hrs
Evaluation of Masonry Residential Buildings: 2 hrs
10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection: 2 hrs
Residential Plumbing Overview: 8 hrs
Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior: 14 hrs
How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion: 8 hrs
How to Inspect the Exterior: 16 hrs
How to Perform Deck Inspections: 3 hrs
Structural Issues for Home Inspectors: 4 hrs
25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know: 5 hrs
How to Perform Roof Inspections: 4 hrs
How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections: 4 hrs
Inspecting HVAC Systems: 12 hrs
Safe Practices for Home Inspectors: 4 hrs
How to Inspect Fireplaces, Stove and Chimneys: 4 hrs
Residential Structural Design for Home Inspectors: 5 hrs
Inspecting the Means of Egress: 4 hrs
Ben Gromicko
KC Hart and Company
1601 Dendron Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Leaks from Above, Leaks from Below: 6 hrs Inspecting Site-Built Showers, Manufactured Fixtures, Faucets and More: 6 hrs
DWV Systems - Traditional and AAV Systems w/Smoke Testing Workshop: 6 hrs
Inspecting Old Electrical Systems: 2 hrs
2014 NEC Update for Home Inspectors: 2 hrs
Your Questions Answered: Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC with Casey and Hart: 1 hr
40 Years of Change in Plumbing and HVAC: 2 hrs
Pumps: Domestic Water, Sewage and Sump Pumps: 2 hrs
Water Heaters: Beyond the Storage Tank Heater: 2 hrs
Gas Appliance Venting: 2 hrs
Gas Distribution Systems: 1 hr
In Depth Air Conditioning Inspection: 3 hrs
Residential Boiler Basics: 2 hrs
Kenneth Hart
Maryland Association of Home Inspectors (MAHI)
P.O. Box 448
Monkton, MD 21111
Thermal Imager Technology for Home Inspection: 2 hrs
Exterior Inspections: 2 hrs
Exterior Finishes: Inspection & Diagnostics: 4 hrs
Homeland Septic – Well & Septic Inspections: 2 hrs
Frequency and Causes of Malfunctions in HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Appliance Systems: 2 hrs
Thin Stone Veneers and Hardcoat Stucco: 2 hrs
Inspection, Diagnostics and Repair of Waste Pipes in Older Homes: 2 hrs
Concrete Foundation Crack Assessment and Repair: 2 hrs
Mike Picarello
Maryland Association of Home Inspectors (MAHI)
7223 Delfield Street
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Chimneys and Fireplaces – Common Conditions and Concerns: 2 hrs
Pre-Drywall Inspections, Part 1: 2 hrs
MAHI 2014 Annual Conference: 8 hrs
January 18, 2014
Heating and Air Conditioning - 2 hours
Inspecting Electrical Systems - 2 hours
2015 Annual Conference - 8 hours
Larry Wasson
Mike Picarello
National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI)
4426 5th Street West
Bradenton, FL 34207
Understanding Residential Structures: 3 hrs
Understanding Residential Roofing and Exteriors: 3 hrs
Understanding Residential Cooling Systems and Insulation: 3 hrs
Understanding Residential Electrical Systems and Appliances: 3 hrs
Understanding Residential Interiors: 3 hrs
Understanding Residential Heating: 3 hrs
Understanding Residential Plumbing Systems: 3 hrs
Joannie Flynn
National Property Inspections
9375 Burt Street
Omaha, NE 68114
Providing Solutions for Drainage Waste and Vent Systems: 1hr 15 min
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration: Fundamentals in Residential and Commercial Applications: 1.5 hrs
Cultured Stone: Designing Residential and Commercial Projects with Manufactured Stone Veneer: 1.5 hrs
National Property Inspections 2013 Annual Conference: 6 hrs
Randy Yates
Ext. 33
Prenterprises, LLC
710 Windflower Drive
Longmont, CO 80504
Sept. 5th - Session: 3:15 - 5:30 
Group discussion of the current standards of practice: 2 hrs 15 min
Sept. 6th - Session: 8:00 - 10:00 
Group discussion of the current standards of practice: 2 hrs
- Session: 10:15 - 12:00 Group discussion of the current standards of practice: 1 hr 45 min
- Session: 1:00 - 3:00 Group discussion of the current standards of practice: 2 hrs
Sept. 7th - Session: 8:30 - 10:00 Group discussion of the current standards of practice: 1 hr 30 min
Barry Prentice
Simpson Strong-Tie
2600 International Street
Columbus, OH 43228
Deck, Porch and Balcony Framing Connection Workshop: 6 hrs Kevin Friday