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GED® Testing in Maryland - Adult Education and Literacy Services

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GED® Testing Service announced a number of recommendations to states regarding the recalibration of scores and new performance levels for the GED® test. Below are the three recommendations with Maryland's jurisdictional application.

  1. The passing score for all GED® test modules was adjusted from 150 to 145. If you have earned a 145 or higher on any subject module, you have passed that subject module.
  2. The new score level is effective for each module of the GED® test taken since January 1, 2014. Records have been automatically updated to show that the scores of 145 to 149 on all modules are now passing scores.
  3. The two additional performance levels are called GED® College Ready (used to signify readiness to enter credit-bearing college courses) with a score between 165 and 174; and GED® College Ready + Credit with a score between 175 and 200 (which may qualify students for college credit). These two performance levels replace the previous GED® with Honors performance level. Check with higher education institutions to see if they participate in the College Ready + Credit provision. The GED® Office at the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation has no partnership with any institution regarding the awarding of college credit based on GED® scores.


GED® Score Change FAQs for Students
GED® Score Change FAQs for Educators  
GED® Preparation
Preparacíon para el GED®
Taking the GED® Test
Cómo realizar el examen GED®
GED® Brochure (in color)
GED® Brochure (in black and white)

Visit MyGED® for information and to register for the current GED® test.

  • The GED® test is available only on computer; test scores from prior test series cannot be combined with scores received in January 2014 or after.
  • The GED® test modules can only be taken at approved Testing Centers; the public Testing Centers are located throughout Maryland. See the Test Center Locator.
  • There are four GED® test modules: Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematical Reasoning.
  • Maryland subsidizes the cost of initial GED® testing for each module. See Test Information for Maryland’s GED® testing fee structure.
  • Testers are limited to a total of three tests per module per calendar year. If additional retests are needed, the tester must wait until January 1 of the next year to schedule retest(s).
  • Maryland’s Compulsory Attendance Law, effective July 1, 2015, states that students may not withdraw from school before the age of 17.
  • Homeless youth may contact the GED® Office at 410-767-0538 for registration information.

WARNING: Any advertised GED® "diploma service" or "purchase of a GED® diploma" is fraudulent. Please contact the GED® Office at 410-767-0538 to report offers of diplomas for sale.
GED® Testing Service, through Maryland's Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, is the ONLY official provider of a Maryland High School diploma earned through GED® testing.