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What Every Licensee Should Know About Real Estate Continuing Education - Real Estate Commission

THE PURPOSE and GOALS of continuing education are to provide licensees with current facts, concepts and laws to conduct real estate transactions in a legal and professional manner to protect the public's interest.

Important Information on Teams and Groups

Law and Regulations
Required hours and course content chart
All MD approved education providers

There are many educational programs offered to the public by individuals, other licensees, seminar companies, corporations, brokerages, etc. Will all programs provide you with CE hours to renew your real estate license? NO, not all. Before signing up, check it out. If the individuals or entities are not listed on MREC's website, you are still free to attend the program if it interests you but it WILL NOT count toward your renewal. Specific laws and regulations apply to courses intended to count towards renewal.


  • Contact an approved provider for the schedule and to verify that the course is approved to renew a MD real estate license; learn the provider's policy, approved hours, title, and topic; be sure you agree with all conditions before enrolling.
  • Courses approved for CE are open to all licensees until enrollment limit is reached.
  • Attendance is monitored at the beginning and end of the course by sign in/out sheet which identifies the CE provider.
  • Turn off ALL electronic devices; also, do not bring unrelated reading material during the course.
  • Students must be physically present during ALL of the offering time - no certificate is given when a student arrives late, leaves early or steps out to answer a phone call.
  • No partial credit is allowed (no 3-hour credit for one session of a 6-hour offering).
  • Disputes about registration fees, cancellation or refund policies are resolved by the provider, not the Commission.
  • If special arrangements are needed under the Americans with Disabilities Act, contact the provider in advance with the required documents.
  • Instructors may not promote their company, solicit or gain business advantage, hold drawings, collect business cards, or interrupt class time for meals. Violators should be reported to MREC.
  • A licensee who is also an instructor of CE courses may receive CE credit if eligible. Contact the provider for instructions to apply in advance of your renewal.
  • Certificates with the course number identified are handed out only at the end of the session or mailed at a later date. PROVIDERS MUST NOT ISSUE BLANK CERTIFICATES.


  • Not all MD-approved providers offer distance learning CE. View the provider list. The red asterisk (*) next to the county code indicates distance-learning providers.
  • Learn the title, topic, length of program, credit hours allowed, exam, deadline for completion, minimum software, retake policy, etc.; be sure you agree with all conditions before enrolling.
  • Student must pass the exam by at least 70%.
  • Disputes about delivery method, fees, failures, etc. are to be resolved by the education provider.
  • Certificates are issued only after the provider has verified the exam score and the student has submitted the required affidavit.
  • No duplicates of the same distance learning program are accepted toward renewal, regardless of provider.


If you hold a license in another state, hours may be considered towards your Maryland electives. To find out, fax the out-of-state CE course completion certificate(s) to 410-333-0023; include your out-of-state license number as well as a return fax number. Sorry, “postlicensing,” ethics, and correspondence/home study courses from other states are not recognized for Maryland CE.


  • Both inactive and expired status have a three-year deadline under Maryland law and regulation with certain terms; read the section of law above that applies to your situation.
  • To become active, both laws require submission of all CE which would have been completed at renewals had the license remained active.
  • If you delay until the deadline, you will more than likely need CE comparable to 3 renewal periods (currently 45 hours).
  • Review the online chart for the requirements of each past renewal.
  • If only one renewal passed, complete hours and go to the MREC online licensing page; follow the prompts to reactivate or reinstate electronically and pay the fee.
  • If more than one renewal has passed, contact the Commission for a paper application. Requests must be received at least 30 days prior to expiration.
  • Brokers: don't forget the usual requirements of credit report, trade name, address, etc.


  • Follow instructions in the audit letter
  • CE hours must have been taken between your prior expiration date and your current expiration date
  • Failure to comply or respond may result in disciplinary charges