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Workforce Development Publications


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Business Services Brochure (PDF document, 5.5MB)
Recruit a Skilled Workforce to Meet Your Needs - Transitioning Ex-Offenders (PDF document, 815KB)
Hot Jobs Brochure (brochure) (PDF document, 226KB)
MWE Virtual Recruiter - Job Alerts (flyer) (PDF document, 1.9MB)
MWE Virtual Recruiter - Resume Service (flyer) (PDF document, 1.8MB)
MWE Internet Services for Job Seekers (PDF document, 1.4MB)
Maryland's Workforce System (flyer) (PDF document, 2MB)
MWE Business Services (flyer) (PDF document, 1.5MB)
Veteran Services (flyer) (PDF document, 820KB)
Veteran Services (postcard) (PDF document, 827KB)
Veterans Full Employment Act Fact Sheet (brochure) (PDF document, 382KB)
Laurel Regional Workforce Center (brochure) (PDF document, 590KB)
Laurel Regional Workforce Center (postcard) (PDF document, 541KB)
Unemployment Insurance Claim Centers (flyer) (PDF document, 251KB)
Resource Guide for the Unemployed (PDF document, 1.9MB)
Pocket Resume (PDF) (Word)
Prepare: Job Interview Guide (PDF) (Word)
American Job Centers Ultimate Employment Guide (PDF document, 594KB)
Getting Back to Work After a Trade-Related Layoff - Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension Act of 2011 (PDF)

Youth Workforce (brochure) (PDF document, 1.1MB)
Youth Workforce (postcard) (PDF document, 395KB)

Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers (English/Spanish brochure) (PDF document, 215KB)
Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers (English/French brochure) (PDF document, 393KB)

GEDŽ Computer Testing brochure (PDF document, 317KB)
National Adult External Diploma Program (NEDP) flyer (PDF document, 433KB)