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Maryland Policy Issuances


Maryland's Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation is currently posting electronic Policy Issuances (PI's) in Word format (download Word viewer for free) and PDF format (download Adobe Acrobat for free) for agency review and comments.

Policy Issuances have replaced the previous guidance format, Workforce Investment Field Instructions (WIFIs), as of April 4, 2014. If you are searching for guidance disseminated prior to this effective date, please refer to the WIFI database. Unless the previously disseminated WIFI has been rescinded with a new PI, it will remain in effect through the duration outlined in the original guidance.

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PI 2016-01, Transfer Authority for WIOA Title I Adult & Dislocated Worker Funds
PI 2016-02, 2015 Federal Poverty Guidelines & 2015 Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL)
PI 2016-03, One Baltimore for Jobs (1B4J) Initiative
PI 2016-04, Employment Services for Veterans
PI 2016-05, Basic Education Skills & English Language Assessments
PI 2016-06, Marylandís Job Driven National Emergency Grant (JD NEG) Program
PI 2016-07, 2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines & 2016 Lower Living Standard Income Level
PI 2016-08, Maryland Business Works
PI 2016-09, WIOA Memoranda of Understanding & Resource Sharing Agreements


PI 2015-01, Process for Policy Development
PI 2015-02, Maryland Highway or Capital Transit Construction (HCCT) Skills Training Program
PI 2015-03, 2015 Federal Poverty Guidelines and 2015 Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL), Effective March 2
PI 2015-04, WIOA Title 1 Program Eligibility
PI 2015-05, Interim Youth Policy
PI 2015-06, Interim Policy on Marylandís Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)
PI 2015-07, Marylandís Program Year (PY) 2015 Performance Goals: WIA Title 1B Programs & Wagner-Peyser Act Funded Activities
PI 2015-08, WIOA Title I Youth Program.


PI-WIP-2014-1, Enrollment & Exit  (Word) (PDF)
PI-WIP-2014-2, Common Measures Data Reporting & Recording  (Word) (PDF)
PI-FO-2014-3, Individual Employment Plans (IEP)  (Word) (PDF)
PI-FO-2014-4, Issuance and Review of Trade Program Training Waivers  (Word) (PDF)
  Attachment 1  (Word) (PDF)
  Attachment 2  (Word) (PDF)
PI-WD-2014-5, Revised Federal Poverty Guidelines and Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL)  (Word) (PDF)
PI-OFC-2014-6, PYí14 Maryland Summer Youth Connections Grant  (Word) (PDF)
PI-OFC-2014-7, Local WIA Allocations for PY 2014 and FY 2015  (Word)(PDF)
PI-OFC-2014-8, Fiscal Review of Budget vs Actual  (Word) (PDF)
  Attachment 1  (Word) (PDF)
  Attachment 2  (Word) (PDF)
PI-OFC-2014-9, Clarification on some issues surrounding Trade approved training  (Word) (PDF)
  Attachment 1  (Word) (PDF)
PI-WD-2014-10, Policies and procedures for Individual Services Strategies for Youth in the state (Word) (PDF)
PI-WD-2014-12, Trade Program - Quarterly Monitoring (Word) (PDF)
PI-WD-2014-13, Maryland's Job Driven National Emergency Grant (JD NEG) Program (PDF) (CANCELLED)
PI 2014-14, PY 2014 Performance Goals for WIA Title 1B and WP (PDF)
PI 2014-15, Employment Services for Veterans (PDF)
PI 2014-16, Maryland's Job Driven National Emergency Grant (JD NEG) Program (PDF) (CANCELLED)
PI 2014-17, WIA Title 1 Program Eligibility (PDF)


PI-WD-2013-1, Local Workforce Investment Area designation appeals process  (Word) (PDF)
PI-WD-2013-2, Subsequent designation of local workforce areas  (Word) (PDF)
PI-WD-2013-3, Appointment of Local Workforce Investment Board Members  (Word) (PDF)
PI-OFC-2013-4, Award & Evaluation of Youth Grants  (Word) (PDF)
PI-WD-2013-5, Priority of Service for Low Income Individuals  (Word) (PDF)
PI-WD-2013-6, Conflict of Interest policy for local workforce boards  (Word) (PDF)